About Us

At Online CoWork, we aim to solve five of the biggest problems that ladies face when building their online businesses:

  1. Lack of exposure

Many online business owners will spend hours creating their online store, their website, their courses, their membership sites, their PDF’s, etc. But then what? How can we let people know that our services/products even exist?

Online CoWork can help by:

2.  Lack of accountability

Building an online business doesn’t happen overnight. And sometimes we treat it like a hobby rather than something that is truly important to us. So weeks and months can pass without any real progress, am I right?

Online CoWork aims to solve this by:

  • Providing a free global online co-working space where members can take part in 90-minute focused online co-working sessions 3 times per day. This means you can join in no matter where you are in the world and get your to-do list DONE!
  • Our CEO and Founder, Hayley, provides personalised, private accountability coaching to keep you on track with your goals! Because let’s face it, having someone to answer to might just be the solution that helps you to finally create the freedom in your life that you deserve! 

3. Lack of community

Building an online business can be lonely! Having a supportive network can make all the difference.

Online CoWork aims to solve this by:

  • Providing community within our free online co-working space. Co-Work with ladies from around the world from the comfort of your own home or your local coffee shop!
  • We schedule in-person meet-ups and retreats! Join us in Goa, India in Jan/Feb 2019 for our first co-working treat in partnership with Remote Explorers! We also host a ladies coffee and co-working afternoon every week in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

4. Scattered information all over the internet!

It’s often hard to find all the information we need in one place. Yes, we may find the information we need from one person on one website – but what about a website where we can see the opinions of many different different people from around the globe?

Online CoWork aims to provide a platform where, say for example you’d like to learn about email marketing, you can then just click on the email marketing category of our home page and find articles/videos/audio from many people all in one place!

We are also in the process of compiling a QnA vault which aims to answer the most common questions asked by ladies building their online businesses. Watch this space!

5. Supporting small businesses

I don’t know about you, but I love to support small businesses. When we’re building an online business, it’s often hard to find the hard-working people who are just starting out and need our support.

With Online CoWork, you can use our referral network to hire VA’s, web designers, marketing experts, etc, from around the globe.

You can also view our member offers and freebies and even attend the events of our members!

We also have an online store directory where you can view the products that our amazing members have to offer – from home-made jewellery to business printables!

These can all be found in our Marketplace.

How does all this sound? If you like what you’ve just read, we’d love it if you joined our email list – and in exchange we’ll send you two free biz habit tracker printables to help you to stay on top of your daily and weekly business tasks!

Each week we’re going to email you with the latest content from our site. This means new posts by members, new offers from our members, new online stores that have been added to our directory, our latest news and more!

We hope that you will join us in creating an amazing, global co-working community 🙂

To your success!


Hayley x