Accountability Coaching

When I first started offering my services online, the only person that I needed to answer to was myself.

If I wanted to achieve any of my business goals or write that book, complete that online course, schedule my social media on time – it was up to no-one else but ME to make it happen.

Just me, myself and I!

Phew, talk about a load on my shoulders! 

Eventually, after months of struggle with…

… multiple freebies sitting on my computer unread

… multiple online courses incomplete

… multiple membership payments going off my credit card each month where I hadn’t even taken part

… a website half-finished 

… a blog article where I had only completed the first two paragraphs

I knew something something had to change.

I’d been to university for 4 years – where I had completed so many courses, assignments, presentations…

…yet when it came to building the business of my dreams, weeks and months seemed to pass with little to no progress?

In that moment I realised that it wasn’t due to lack of knowledge!

I didn’t need another course, another freebie, another membership…

…what I needed was accountability!

So I set off to create more accountability in my life.

  • I printed tracking sheets
  • I signed up for Trello
  • I stuck my ‘why’ all around my room
  • I made my desk look pretty
  • I started writing daily goal sheets
  • I started looking into creative accountability such as using a bullet journal
  • I even found an accountability buddy online

Just one problem though – none of them worked.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of what I did was extremely helpful…

…but there was something missing…

  • The tracking sheets ended up being an extra chore for me that I didn’t have the energy to complete. I mean, I didn’t even have the energy to stay on top of my social media, let alone stay on top of a tracking list!


  • My Trello boards – all organised neatly – became dormant (It turns out that even logging in to Trello everyday was an extra thing for me to remember to do. My head was already so full of other things that I told myself were more important!)


  • My ‘why’ notes around the room just doubled as room ‘art’ eventually.


  • My daily goal sheets went out the window when I realised that they took more time to write than actually doing the work I needed to do.


  • The bullet journal went out the window when I realised that creativity was not really my thing at that point in time.


  • And the accountability buddy, well, we all know how that goes – when they don’t show up, when life gets in the way, when your biz goals suddenly go in different directions… I could go on about this one for a while!

To be honest, I started to feel a bit hopeless. How was I ever going to achieve my goals this way?

Maybe you can relate?

The thing is though, we’re all on a journey – learning as we go.

But you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did!

You can either go through everything I did…

… or you can skip all that and listen carefully to what I am about to share with you.

I truly believe that I have found the solution to end your procrastination woes forever!

What is the solution though??

Drum roll, please….

The solution is ME.

Ok, I’m sure that you are really confused right now but bear with me for a second 🙂

It all boils down to this…

If you look at how you achieved things in the past, you will notice that it was often because of one person.

One person TELLING you what to do.

“You need to meet that deadline by 10am Monday.” – said your boss

“You need to write that test on March 31st.” – said your teacher

“You need to clean your room by the time I get home.” – said your mom

“Complete that exercise by next week.” – said your coach

Well, I am here today to tell you that I am here for you as your boss, your teacher, your mom, your coach… 

I want you to write that book!

I want you to make those 5 figure months a reality!

I want you to stick to that self-care routine!

I want you to finally start that podcast!

I want you to create that passive income stream where you can travel the world full-time or spend more time with your children!

I want you to thrive!!

But first, you need to actually…


And I am your secret weapon that will help you to make that your reality.

I’m talking about private, PERSONALIZED accountability.

Your very own personal cheerleader.

Ok, so how does this work I hear you asking?

Well, first of all, I’m going to check in on you every weekday!

You’re going to choose a time that works for you and we’re going to chat about your goals for the day and your goals from yesterday.

We’re going to set weekly goals and monthly goals. We’re going to break them down into bite-sized tasks!

And you’re going to be doing mandatory ‘brain dumps’ to figure out what is really important.

And…. you don’t have to worry that you’re not’ camera’ ready everyday! 

This is all done via chat. 

So throw that excuse out to the window!

You set your goals. I check-in on you daily to help you get there!

Simple? Yes. 

Effective? You betcha!!

No more having to be your own cheerleader.

We’re going to do this together.

5 figure months – yes, please!

New York Times best-selling book – yes, please!

Killing it with your new daily yoga practice – yes, please!

Travelling the world full-time and learning about other cultures – yes, please!

Having a thriving business that allows you to spend time with your children – yes, please!

Send me a message and let’s chat! Email: Hayley@

(Psst! Don’t procrastinate… I am not sure if I’m going to offer this at these prices again, so get on it before I change my mind!)

Let me tell you that you have the choice RIGHT NOW to decide how you’re going to feel 1 week from now, 1 month from now… or even 1 year from now.

What will you decide?

To your happiness,

Hayley x

CEO and Founder –