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Corina is an online transpersonal and cognitive psychologist who is passionate about helping others to get to know who they really are! Her resume includes postgraduate degrees in Neuroscience, Enneagrams, Mind-Body and Spirit Health and Emotional Intelligence. She enjoys studying the traditions of oriental wisdom, and particularly loves to write and explore millenarian psychologies which provide us with very useful tools to work with our minds in everyday life. She describes herself as curious and enterprising, with a love for travel. Two years ago she made the decision with her husband and son to travel the world full-time as a digital nomad family. Since then, her practice has transcended borders! She now works with clients from all over the world. After reading entire libraries, she has learned that savouring life is the most important ingredient for happiness. She is convinced that self-observation is the most important luggage for the most challenging journey that all human beings are called to do: to know ourselves in order to learn how to create the best life for ourselves.

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