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5 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Boost Sales

Elaine Bennett
September 7th, 2018 · 3 min read

Contemporary customers are smart. They know when companies are trying to take advantage of them, and are prepared to walk away from a brand if they feel unsatisfied with their experience.

That’s why it’s so important to do everything you can to improve the customer experience. It will help your brand build trust, create a caring environment for your customers, increase satisfaction, and ultimately win you more sales. Here’s how you can do it.

Request customer feedback

Accurate customer feedback is the number one factor influencing customer satisfaction. Without relevant knowledge of your customer, their pain points, desires, and behavior, you won’t be able to deliver a quality customer experience.

Listen to your customers. Allow them to help you discover what they want out of their relationship with your brand. This can be as simple as putting a rating scale on your product or service pages, or more in-depth like conducting customer surveys or face-to-face interviews.

In any case, this important, initial step allows you to evaluate the current customer experience, uncover problems and make changes based on actual customer input. As customers realize you are actually listening to their demands, they will appreciate your efforts and place more trust in your brand.

Deliver excellent customer support

Customer support is an integral part of any successful buyers’ journey. It provides help to customers when they need it and can actually steer them towards sales by improving their satisfaction.

However, customers always want to receive solutions to their pain points as soon as possible. Their impatience means you need to give them what they want at the initial first contact and that the information must be 100% accurate and relevant.

If you put customers on hold, transfer them to another customer representative or make them repeat themselves, it will decrease their satisfaction when interacting with your brand. In fact, according to findings by ZenDesk, 72% of consumers associate poor customer experience with poor communication and explaining their problem multiple times.

Remember to train your staff in every aspect of the business process relevant to customer experience, so customers always feel like they are the first and only priority for your brand.

Incentivize customers to take action

Creating customer incentives like discounts, special offers, and time-limited deals is an excellent way to motivate consumers to buy. Often, promotional offers and discounts embed a sense of urgency in the customer because they are usually time-sensitive and require immediate action. Not only that, but they also create another way customers can connect with your brand and pay a returning visit.

In the UK, for example, statistics have revealed that 64% of customers interact with a brand if it offers good value for money deals. This also creates trust among customers who view the offers as a benefit to them, and not a corporate tactic for earning more money.

Reward customer loyalty

Repeated business is a major driving force behind brand loyalty. And loyal customers tend to buy more services and products and engage with brands overall.

It’s important for companies to understand the importance of rewarding customer trust with giveaways, gifts, and loyalty programs. This gives customers a sense of reward just for choosing your brand over the competition.

However, not every kind of reward works for all clients. For example, an ICPL study on consumer behavior in Hong Kong reveals that only 10% of customers believe rewards are personalized and relevant to their needs.

To make rewards work, brands need to either make their incentives extremely customized or giveaway completely universal gifts. In the same way as companies use a prepaid debit card in Hong Kong, so too will you need to find and give something to your customers that they truly need.

Brand management

Be honest and transparent

Finally, it’s important for a brand to look inwards in order to boost sales through customer satisfaction. Being honest and transparent in any form of interaction builds trust among customers and tells them that your brand truly cares about them.

For example, if you make an error during shipping, mend the damage even when it means the company will lose money. And when you have a great deal on offer, tell it like it is.

Keep customers informed about your payment and return policies, don’t sugarcoat your marketing efforts, accept the mistakes you make and always say ‘thank you’.

Focus on your customers

Customers have greater power now than ever before. Instead of looking for low prices, they are more concerned with quality - both when it comes to products and services, and the experience they wish to receive.

Be honest, listen to your customers, work towards giving them the best experience and reward their choice. In doing so, you will improve satisfaction among your customers and boost sales at the same time - a win-win situation.


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