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7 Reasons You Need to Spend a Little Time Traveling with Strangers

Marie Smith
August 23rd, 2018 · 3 min read

When was the last time that you talked to the person behind you in line at the grocery store or someone standing next to you at a concert?

If it’s been a while, then you really need to learn to step out of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons! After all, complete strangers hold a wealth of information that you may not already know and little conversations like those can completely change how you live your life.

Now, those little conversations with strangers that you encounter on a daily basis can also transfer over to your travels. While there is nothing wrong with traveling with your family and friends, or even by yourself, a trip with strangers can change and enhance your outlook on your travels.

Here are 7 reasons everyone needs to spend a little time traveling with strangers:

  1. You Will Take More Risks You and the people that you know the best all know your current limitations and what you are willing to do. However, if you take the time to travel with strangers, you may find yourself miraculously wanting or at least attempting to do something that you never dreamed that you would do at all during your lifetime. This can be something as simple as swimming in the ocean or as adventurous as cliff diving or getting ridiculously close to a lion during a safari.

  2. Make New Friends It’s funny, all those strangers that you would be traveling with can actually turn into some of your best friends. Now, not every stranger that you travel with is going to be someone that you love, as some may get on your very last nerve, but a select few can pique your interest enough that you want to get to know them a little more. Those people can become your new travel companions and friends that you meet up with all over the world.

  3. The Unexpected Can and Will Happen You may or may not be a control freak, but when you are traveling with strangers, you will quickly learn to let go of all your expectations and roll with the punches. After all, you may not have any control over the person who has food poisoning and needs to stop every five miles to use the restroom, but you can control what you do during that time. It is the perfect time to capture a few snapshots of the surrounding landscape, wander through a store that you may not have gone through before, or try a new type of cuisine from a street vendor.

  4. Learn About Different Cultures and Traditions The strangers that you travel with will be from all over the world, which means that you can learn about different cultures and traditions during your travels. One person may share their love of art with you, while another may share a few favorite recipes from their childhood. The possibilities are endless and so are the things that you can learn. You may even realize that you have been judging people on where they are from and this can quickly help you learn that they are not much different from you. The good news is that this can work the other way around as well, and you may teach those you are traveling with to be more tolerable of others and learn more about a person before judging them.


  1. Your Eyes Will Open You have probably discovered during past trips that you have missed out on a few things, simply because you haven’t been paying close attention to everything that you are doing. Well, when you are traveling with strangers, that is never going to happen, because everyone will be talking about what they are seeing in the moment. That means you will not stare out into the distance as you are sitting on the beach, missing the beauty as dolphins are jumping out of the water in front of you or something else just as exciting.

  2. You Will Never Be Alone Traveling by yourself can be a lonely experience, but if you have a group of strangers that you are traveling with, you will never be alone. Therefore, when you get an email with some horrendous news from a friend (ex-boyfriend having a baby with his newest girlfriend, or your favorite restaurant back home just abruptly shut down), you will have someone to talk to about it, or at least drown your sorrows with. Of course, the same goes for all the fabulous news that you will receive as you are traveling, but in those instances, you will be celebrating.

  3. You Will Be Safer You may enjoy traveling alone, but you will be much safer if you travel with a group of people, even if you don’t know them at first. You won’t need to worry about being stranded on the side of a mountain after falling down during your descent, because your new travel companions can come to your rescue. While they may not lug you all the way down to the bottom, they will at least go find help for you. Hey, it’s better than laying there till someone else finds you!

You will find that there is a plethora of other reasons why you should travel with strangers at least once in your lifetime. However, you may enjoy your experience so much after the first time that you may never want to travel without a stranger ever again.

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