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Lose Weight with Less Effort 5 Simple Tips

Miranda Jasper
October 19th, 2018 · 4 min read

If you’ve ever thought about losing weight, you’ve probably had this thought immediately after, “Losing weight is hard!” Too many people feel like losing weight can’t be done unless they stick to a really restrictive diet.

The problem is, those fad diets are very hard to stick with and often don’t have lasting results. The truth about losing weight, though, is it doesn’t have to be as hard as some make it out to be. There are plenty of ways to to make small changes in your life and start seeing positive results.

And the best thing about making smaller lifestyle changes is you will be more likely to stick with them and see long-term success. Give some of these weight loss tips a try and you could see some nice wins with less effort.

Drink More Water

There are plenty of great reasons to drink water. Of course there are the no-brainer reasons like staying hydrated, but there are also some reasons that could have positive weight loss effects. Being hydrated can aid in digestion, boost metabolism, and provide energy. Try some of these tips to help you drink more water throughout the day.

  • Drink water right when you wake up. Your body has been without water for the hours you’ve been asleep. You’ve gotten slightly dehydrated throughout the night so drinking water right when you wake up will not only help your body rehydrate but also give you energy and jumpstart your metabolism for the day.
  • Carry a water bottle with you. Another way to get more water is by having water more readily available. You can drink a lot more throughout the day if you just have it within arms reach. Some people don’t get enough water simply because they have to go out of their way to drink it. Depending on the size of bottle you’re carrying, know how many times you should be filling up your bottle and plan on shooting for that number.

Eat Treats in Moderation

Eating too many treats can be a surefire way to gain weight, but giving them up all together can be hard to do. If you have a goal to quit them completely and you slip up, that can lead to “falling off the wagon” completely. Instead of giving up your favorite candy or treat all together, plan on eating less of it. If you normally have a full sized candy bar, switch to a snack size. If you normally have them everyday, switch to every other day. If you have 2 scoops of ice cream, switch to 1 scoop. These small changes will allow you to continue to enjoy the treats you love, without giving them up completely. You’ll be able to satisfy your sweet tooth without destroying your goals.


Include Fruits and Veggies With Every Meal

Fruits and veggies have been known to be an integral part of a balanced diet for a long time, yet some neglect them even though our bodies need the nutrients they provide. Making a conscious effort to get fruits and veggies in your diet will not only give you those nutrients you need, but will also help you feel full on these low-calorie items.

When more of your food in each meal comes from fruits and veggies you have less appetite to fill up on things that may contain large amounts fats, carbs, or sugars. Since those added fats, carbs, or sugars can lead to weight gain, having less of them will allow you to trim up.


Replace a Meal with a Meal Replacement Shake

You may have been in a situation where you are late and have to run out the door without a breakfast or lunch plan. These can be dangerous situations as it can end up in resorting to drive-thru food that is often high in carbs, sodium and fat.

It is good to have meals planned out and be ready for the day, but if that isn’t an option, you’re not out of luck. You can keep meal replacement shakes on hand, so you can grab one on the way out. Meal replacement shakes are a perfect on-the-good food because they provide a lot of the same nutrition your body requires from a meal.

A lot of them even have fiber and protein, or proprietary ingredients, that aid in hunger suppressant. Though meal replacement shakes can make a great on-the-go meal in a pinch, they don’t need to be limited to that as well. Many of them are fairly low in calories so if you are looking to cut a few calories from your daily intake without starving yourself, try replacing one meal a deal with these tasty shakes.

Eliminate Distracted Eating

Whether you have the habit of snacking while you watch a movie or you browse social media during dinner, eating while doing something else can be a dangerous eating habit. When you have things like TV, movies, or smartphone entertainment going while you eat, you can lose track of how much you are actually eating.

Maybe you’ve had the unfortunate experience before of taking a bag of chips to the couch with you for a movie only to find you’ve almost unconsciously eaten the whole bag because you were too wrapped up in the drama of the movie. If you eliminate these distractions while you eat, you can focus on how much you are eating and make sure you don’t over eat.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be as hard as some make it out to be. Starting with small changes like these will help you eat fewer calories, which will add up. With the changes being small as well, they will be more sustainable in the long run, allowing you to develop good eating habits.


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