The House of Productivity

“Sleeping under star-lit skies and waking up to glimpses of snow-capped peaks and swaying pine trees are a given when you escape to Himachal Pradesh.”

~ Conde Nast Traveller.

What are your goals?

Write your Book

Finish your Website

Complete an Online Course

Create Content


Increase Website Traffic

Build an Online Store

Create your Webinar

Create Sales Funnel

Grow Email


… it’s really up to you!

Let’s get them done and dusted – with a view!

A structured co-working schedule to help you to get things done…


Task 1 Completed


Task 2 Completed


Task 3 Completed


Task 4 Completed


Task 5 Completed


Task 6 Completed

Join us in the beautiful Himalayas in India!

How does it work?


Step 1:  Arrive in the beautiful mountains and unpack your things!
Step 2: Declare what you would like to achieve during the time that you are with us.
Step 3: We will be giving you a co-working schedule which you are expected to stick to as much as possible so that everyone is working together at the same times and same places during the day.
Step 4: After 2 weeks, share with us what you achieved!
Didn’t complete your goals? That’s ok! You’re welcome to join us for as long as you wish to!


The Area


The House of Productivity can be found in Northern India in the province of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated in the rural foothills of the breath-taking snowy Dhauladhar Range in the Himalayas

Wake up to beautiful snowy mountain views, interact with the local people, learn about life in the mountains and share some great experiences with fellow participants – all while working consistently to reach your goals!

How good would it feel to not only get to experience authentic India – off the tourist trail – but also leave feeling lighter that your goals are now complete!

The Book Cafe

During the day, the Book Cafe (around 400m away) is where we’ll be working and eating our meals!
The Book Cafe has a wonderful selection of hearty Indian and Western meals – for around US$1 each!
Enjoy hot cappuccino’s in winter or a cold banana shake in summer!
Work at a table outside on the balcony overlooking a clear mountain river, or inside with a view of snowy mountains outside the window.
The Book Cafe is open from 9am to 8pm every day but it is closed on Tuesdays.
On Tuesdays (and in the evenings), we’ll be working at the mini co-working space back at our building.


But what about the internet and power?

During your stay with us, we will loan you a wifi hotspot to use with data. The data plan allows you 5GB of data per day. We have found this to be a better option than wired internet in this part of the world! Below you can see some screenshots of the speeds that we have tested on random days using the wifi hotspot. Please make sure that these speeds will be sufficient for the type of work you will be doing before deciding to join us. From our experience, these speeds are more than sufficient for everyday internet use and basic video calls – but may not be sufficient for those who require very high quality, bandwidth-intensive HD video calls (such as online English teachers). With regards to power, the wifi hotspot device is battery-powered and will give you around 5 to 6 hours of internet if the power goes out. A back-up generator is also being installed in the building and should be ready for use in March 2019.

Our Building

The House of Productivity has 10 rooms and can accommodate a total of 20 to 22 people.

Each room has a double bed and private bathroom with hot water. There is also a TV, small desk and chair, daily cleaning service, large mirror, cupboards, extension cable and some of the rooms also have a balcony. Free purified water and shared kitchen facilities are available on the rooftop (with fridge).

The roof also has a large area where yoga classes/events may be held.

On the basement level, there is also a small indoor area with table and chairs for co-working in the evenings and on Tuesdays when the Book Cafe is closed.

There are printing/scanning facilities in the building.


Can you tell me more about the weather?

December to February is the cold season. During this time you’ll usually see thick, beautiful snow on the peaks, but not usually in the town itself. The skies are clear and blue; and the air is crisp. Temperatures usually range from 0 to 10 degrees Celcius during the day. Your room will have a portable heater but not full heating – please keep this in mind.

March, April, May, September, October, November – these are the peak months to visit. The temperature is warmer and there is very little rain. Temperatures can range from 10 to 25 degrees Celcius.

June, July and August are the monsoon season. These are the wettest and hottest months with lots of rainfall. Great for getting work done though as there isn’t much to do outside!

How do I get there?

The most popular way to get here is to fly into New Delhi airport and then take a domestic flight to Dharamsala (Kangra) Airport. Spice Jet is a popular airline for this route.

If you prefer to arrive by bus, you can take an overnight bus from Delhi. It takes around 12 hours.


Do you offer airport pick-up?

Airport or bus station pick-up can be arranged for you for an extra fee. Please contact us for prices.

Alternatively, you can hire a taxi directly at the airport and give him/her our address.

The apartments are around 30 minutes drive from the airport. The cost is usually under 1000 INR ($10 to $15) for the trip.


Do you arrange weekend excursions?

We can help you to arrange weekend excursions. Please contact us for details. 

I'm new to India, what should I expect?

The biggest thing that you should always bring with you when you come to India is a flexible mindset! Things aren’t going to be as they are in your home country.

‘Indian Time’ is a very real thing where things may not get done on time or as efficiently as you had hoped. The cars often do not adhere to road rules and yes, you may find a cow walking down the street, along with a couple dogs and a few goats!

The important thing is to stay flexible and open-minded and go with the flow. If you are expecting everything to be ‘perfect’, then this may not be the right country for you! 

I've heard of 'Delhi Belly'! Should I be worried?

‘Delhi Belly’ is well-known throughout India as our western stomachs are not used to the Indian foods!

Be sure to bring some medication with you just in case (ask your doctor for advice), and probiotics can also help.

There is a small hospital and pharmacy in the area if you fall ill.

Be sure to purchase travel medical insurance no matter where you travel in the world! 

Can I buy my medications / special toiletries / special food for my diet there?

If you take any medication, be sure to bring enough with you to cover your stay as you may not find it in the area. This goes for personal cosmetics/toiletries and any special foods. Food and medical supplies in the area are very basic.

Do you cater to vegan diets?

Unfortunately not at this stage. All meals provided at the Book Cafe would usually be vegetarian with the odd chicken dish if requested. Dishes of rice, beans and fruit may be possible though with advanced notice.

Are there any restaurants in the area?

There are a few very small restaurants used by the local people surrounding the Book Cafe. There is a wider selection of restaurants near the Norbulinka Institute around 10 minutes drive away. 

Restaurants that cater more to tourists (western foods) are best found in the towns of Dharamsala and Mcleodganj. 

Mcleodganj is a very popular tourist town (this is where the Dalai Lama’s Temple is located). There are many restaurants and cafes offering not only Indian foods, but also Tibetan food, pizza, pancakes, etc.

Dharamsala is 20 minutes drive away, while Mcleodganj is around 40 minutes away.

Also, the Book Cafe has a great menu for snacks and lunches if you choose not to take a food package. From cappuccino’s to french toast and sandwiches! 

Are there any events at the Book Cafe? Can I host my event there?

One of the things I love about the Book Cafe is that it brings the community together!

Children’s Storytelling is sometimes held on Sunday’s and recently there was also a watercolour painting class.

If you are hosting a retreat, the Book Cafe owners (Swati and Akhil) would be more than happy to help you to make it happen! Please chat to me if this is what you are looking for.

Are there any digital nomads in the area? Will I be lonely?

The area is not a digital nomad hotspot by any means and you will hardly see any foreigners – but many have stated that this is one of its ‘plus points’ as the area provides a change of atmosphere from the usual digital nomad lifestyle.

It’s the perfect place to put your head down and get work done (or write that book finally!) without the distraction of a busy social life!

However, as the rooms are mainly rented out to digital nomads, you’ll usually have at least 1 person to co-work with you at the Book Cafe (but only if the other rooms are in use). 

One of the things often missing in a digital nomad lifestyle, is creating deeper connections. By being in a place where there aren’t a ton of people passing through, you may just find that when your month is up, you’ll not only have completed a lot of work, but you just might have created very close lifetime friendships with 1 or 2 other digital nomads who have been co-working with you each day at the Book Cafe.

I will also be there for a number of months during the year – in which case I’ll be able to keep everyone company while I’m working as well 🙂

The owners of the Book Cafe, Swati and Akhil, are extremely friendly and would love to share a coffee with you!

The area is just off the tourist trail so every now and again you’ll see foreigners at the Book Cafe who are passing through to go on hikes or those who are volunteering at the NGO’s in the area. There are a number of NGO’s in the area, particularly for women’s rights. These NGO’s collaborate with universities in countries such as Canada and the US to bring volunteers to the area on an on-going basis. There is also an animal rescue sanctuary run by a woman from Austria. 

How far is it between the Book Cafe and the rooms?

According to Google Maps, it is around 400m to the Book Cafe from the rooms. This is about a 7 minute walk – with a beautiful snowy mountain view along the way! The first 100m or so is uphill.

As you will be walking 400m between the Book Cafe and your room, please be sure to bring a comfortable bag to carry your laptop in as there is no secure storage at the Book Cafe.

What if it rains a lot? How will I get between my room and the Book Cafe?

If this happens, we can arrange a taxi service for you for an extra fee (very reasonable as it’s India!).

This can also be arranged for you even if there is no rain! Please chat to use about this.

Is there anything else I should bring?

Good walking shoes, sunblock, hat for walking to and from the Book Cafe or going on hikes.

A backpack to carry your laptop when walking.

Insect repellent (although there aren’t many mosquitoes)

Ear plugs if the neighbours decide to throw a party (doesn’t happen often)! 

Water bottle if you’d like to fill your bottle.

Warm clothes in the winter months!

An umbrella if it rains.

How do I get a visa for India? Is it easy?

India has a great visa system where tourists from most countries can apply online for their visitor visa. At the time of writing, the visa is a 2 month, double-entry visa. It  usually takes a few days to be issued. Please contact your local Indian Embassy for questions or issues.

Is there an ATM nearby? Should I bring cash? Can I exchange money?

It’s best to bring cash (Rupees) to the area. However, there is an ATM available around 10 minutes away by car. As far as I know, there is no place to change money.

Is smoking permitted in the building?

No, smoking is not allowed in your room or on the balcony or roof. Please smoke outside and dispose of your cigarette butts correctly.

Is India safe?

This is one of the safest parts of India. However, please still take precautions as you would in other places. Try not to walk alone at night and be careful with your belongings. Do not pet stray dogs.

Are any vaccinations needed?

Unfortunately, we cannot advise on vaccinations. Please consult a health professional in your country. Common vaccinations that are usually recommended for India include hepatitis A and rabies.

Can I do video calls at the Book Cafe?

There is no private area at the Book Cafe for video calls but calls can be done outside or on the blacony.

Are pets and children allowed?

Children are welcome, however please be mindful to not disturb others who are working.

Pets may be allowed at owner’s discretion. Please contact us for more info.

Can I do video calls at the Book Cafe?

There is no private area at the Book Cafe for video calls but calls can be done outside or on the blacony.

What about laundry?

There aren’t any laundry facilities in the building, however this may be arranged for you.

What time is check-in/check-out?

This is flexible. Please chat with us.

Have a Question?

Talk to the Host


Nearby Attractions

“Sleeping under star lit skies and waking up to glimpses of snow-capped peaks and swaying pine trees are a given when you escape to Himachal Pradesh. Good news: there’s a lot more in store.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller. 

These are some of the attractions and activities that are possible in the state of Himachal Pradesh. If you have a free day / weekend / long weekend, you may wish to join a local tour group. Some of these activities may require just a day trip, but others may require a number of nights. Please chat to us as we can arrange these trips for you with local tour operators.

Visit the Dalai Lama's Temple in Mcleodganj or even attend his Teachings!

Mcleodganj is around 40 minutes drive from the apartments.

“Mcleodganj is known for its monasteries, museums, temples, waterfalls, lakes, and Tibetan settlements. Taking a half day city tour is one of the many interesting things to do in Mcleodganj.

Mcleodganj sightseeing tours include Namgyal Monastery, Tsuglagkhang (the residence of Dalai Lama), Bhagsu Falls & Bhagsunath Temple, and Tibetan Museum.”  ~ Travel Triangle

Exotic Sculptures, Souvenirs, & Thangka Paintings at the Local Markets

“Like any other destination, shopping in Mcleodganj has its own charm. Kotwali Bazaar, Jogiwara Road, & Mcleodganj Central Square are well-known shopping areas in the district. While the street shops of Kotwali Bazaar are most popular for Tibetan carpets, rugs, & exotic sculptures, the Jogiwara Road holds a reputation of the go-to place for souvenir shopping.

The Mcleodganj Central Square is known to have the city’s oldest shop – Nowrojee and Son – that opened in 1860. The entire market area is famous for its wooden carvings, Thangka tapestry paintings, and handicrafts.” ~ Travel Triangle

Watch a Tibetan Opera in Dharamsala

“There’s drama, dance and song—all the key elements of Tibetan celebration. The Lhamo, or the Tibetan opera, typically tells stories of lives of important people, historical events and ancient Buddhist folk tales and can last up to six hours. You can catch a performance by a team of amateur and professional actors at The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), which was one of the first institutes set up by the Dalai Lama in 1959.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Take Cooking lessons: Master Authentic Tibetan Recipes

“Lhamo’s Kitchen and Sangey’s Kitchen offer cooking sessions of authentic Tibetan cuisine for travelers. And believe me, this is one of the most interesting things to do in Mcleodganj. Both the places focus on various types of momos, soups, noodles, and breads.” ~ Travel Triangle

Paragliding at Bir Billing - the World's Second Highest Paragliding Spot

“You can live that flying dream and soar across some of the most scenic locales, from this little village that played host to the first ever world cup of paragliding in 2015. A session of 15-30 min of tandem flying at Bir-Billing could cost you anywhere between Rs2,500-3,500.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Down-hill cycle to Naggar

“The quaint town of Naggar near Kullu is favourite for cyclists since the route from Manali to this artist’s paradise is mostly downhill and scenic. Stop by the 500-year-old Naggar castle en route as to take a break before the fairly tough 22 km uphill return. You can also choose to take a 12 km uphill route from here to visit the popular Jana falls” – Conde Nast Traveller

Go Mountain Biking in Spiti

“The arid desert plateaus of Spiti Valley make for interesting biking route. The picture perfect surroundings and a chance to ride through the Kunzum Pass (4,590 mtrs) is an opportunity no biker will want to miss. Needless to say, this require extreme levels of fitness and stamina.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Sign up for an Architecture Walk in the Hills

“About 38km from Una, the town of Pragpur is home to the 200-year-old Chaujjad Haveli and the 175-year-old Butail Niwas and the 150-year-old Banta Dwar in the Kuthiala complex. The cobbled-stone roads also take you to the vintage Rehrumal’s garden with arched gateways and stunning woodwork signature to the region.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Catch some fishing in Rohru

“The clear waters of Pabber River in Rohru, around 120km away from Shimla is one of the most popular spots for trout fishing in Himachal Pradesh. There is also a trout hatchery in Chirgaon, four hours away from Shimla where one can go fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout fishes.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Trek to Malana

“Malana village near Parvati Valley is shrouded in mystery. The villagers believe that they are descendants of Alexander the Great’s soldiers. Of course, it is more famous for the legendary Malana Cream, but you knew that already. You can start the trek from a place called Jari in Kasol, 21km from the village.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Go Heli-Skiing at Hanuman Tibba

“This one’s not for the faint of heart. Hanuman Tibba in Manali is the highest peak in the Dhauladhar range and offers powder snow which serves as a perfect gliding bed for heli-skiing. You’ll get awe-inspiring views from the chopper, and a rush of adrenalin as you make the leap and slide down the slope.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Do your work at a Coffee Shop in Mcleodganj
Take a Boat Ride on Dal Lake

“Set amidst the lush green Deodar forests, the beautiful Dal Lake of Mcleodganj offers boating options to tourists. The peaceful & beautiful setting of the lake makes boating in Dal Lake one of the most popular fun things to do in Mcleodganj with kids.” – Travel Triangle

Trek to Triund and Camp Under the Stars

“For those who don’t want to go for typical sightseeing, there are other offbeat things to do in Mcleodganj. The adventure junkies can go trekking, camping, and hiking on the surrounding trails. Of these, the Triund trek via Indrahar Pass is the most famous. Except the cold breeze, nothing is going to disappoint you.” – Travel Triangle

Discover Serenity at Kora Circuit

“Pilgrims and enthusiastic tourists often explore the Kora Circuit, one of the major Mcleodganj tourist attractions. The downslope road around the Tsuglagkhang Complex is a prayer-flag-draped path. At approximately 1.5 km from the begin of the prayer-draped path, one can see the collections of prayer wheels, chortens, and photos of Tibetans who had self-immolated from 2009. The circuit is serene with stunning views, but the track is steep and sometimes quite bumpy.” – Travel Triangle

Yoga, Spa Therapies, Ayurveda and Meditation

“There are many yoga learning centers that offer meditation and yoga sessions for travelers. These kind of activities are popular among spiritual tourists and solo travelers. Om Yoga Centre, Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre, Universal Yoga Centre, and Tushita Meditation Centre are popular Mcleodganj tourist attractions for those who seek peace and relaxation of the soul.

Mcleodganj is also known for the myriad Ayurvedic healing therapies and spa treatments for the complete rejuvenation of body and mind. One such famous place is the Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Centre. Located near Bhagsu Nag, this Ayurveda center has professional experts and doctors who offer the best-in-class spa treatments. Relaxing spa therapies is one of the refreshing things to do around Mcleodganj.”

Sip and Dine at Colorful Cafés and Restaurants

“The cool and funky cafes and eating joints in Mcleodganj are really cozy and happening. They serve unworldly coffee, steaming hot momos, and thukpa. Relaxing in one of such charming cafes is one of the most preferred things to do in Mcleodganj, especially for the solo travelers.

Some of the popular names are:

  • Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen
  • Shiva Café
  • Peace Café
  • Lung Ta
  • Common Ground Café
  • Café Budan
  • Hummingbird Café
  • Seed Café
  • Namgyal Café
  • Tibet Quality Bakery
  • Lobsang Four Season Cafe” ~ Travel Triangle
Go Rafting in the Kullu Valley

“Brave level 1 to 4 rapids of the Beas river and set off on a white water rafting adventure. You can choose from a bunch of private operators at Pirdi, where the trip usually begins, and rumble 14km downriver to Jhiri. The activity is usually closed during rains and at the peak of winter. A 40-minute experience could cost you up to Rs2,000.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Camp in the snow at Mashobra

“Experience the snow and spend your time cuddled up in a blanket, with a warm cup of tea and a book while you stare at the majestic mountains or sing the night away around a campfire. Barely 12km from Shimla, Mashobra offers various campsites that can give you this out-in-the-wild experience.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Go rock climbing at Vashisht

“This is only for the fit and the brave. While you clamber up and down crags, you are treated to views of ancient temples, monasteries, traditional Himachali wooden houses and massive Himalayan peaks. A session will cost you upwards of Rs1,000.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Play golf at Naldhera

“This British-era course located about 22km from Shimla is easily among the most beautiful courses in the country. The tall cedar trees and the crisp, clear air instantly put you at ease, but the terrain at the 18-hole course is challenging enough to keep golfers from drifting into a stupor.” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Stay in a Heritage Hotel in Shimla

“Hotel Woodville Palace in Shimla was the former summer residence of the Raja Rana of Jubbal, a pre-independence kingdom of the Shimla Hill States. Each room at this heritage hotel is inspired by Shimla’s days as the summer capital of British Raj. Check in and step back in time..” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

Visit Asia’s Oldest Brewery in Kasauli

“Care for some Old Monk or Golden Eagle beer? Try some at the Mohan Meakin Brewery, Asia’s oldest. Opened in 1855 (it was called Dyer Breweries then) the brewery was popular for its Lion Beer, Asia’s first beer brand. The bottling plant has now been installed in Solan but the distillery is still in operation in Kasauli. How’s that for swig with a swag?” ~ Conde Nast Traveller


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