Online CoWork Slack Community Rules

Welcome to our global co-working family! If you are new here, please follow these steps:

1) Download Slack on your mobile for easy access. Swipe left and right to view the list of channels and your direct messages.

2) Introduce yourself in the #coffeebreakchat channel.

3) Join the location channels that are relevant to you. Such as #usa or #aus_sydney

4) Join the work channels that are relevant to you such as #webgraphicdesigners or #coaches.

5) Join the #connectioncafe channel if you would like to be paired with a different community member every Monday for a virtual co-working session via video or chat.

6) Start posting your tasks in the #virtualcoworking channel every day and encourage other members! The #virtualcoworking channel is the core of our community! It is mandatory to post your tasks at least 3 times a week in this channel AND encourage other members at least 3 times a week in this channel in order to maintain your membership in our community. Inactive members will unfortunately be removed.

7) Have a biz question along the way? Ask a question in the #mastermind channel and tag one of our volunteer experts to answer! 

8) Do you have an online store? As a member of our community we will feature your top 5 products in our marketplace on the website! Please submit your products via this Google Form.

9) Would you like more exposure for your business? Become a regular contributor! Your content (blogs/videos, etc) will be sent to our email list and posted on our social media! Sign-up here.

10) Would you like to co-work in person? Join our ladies coffee and co-working afternoons every Monday in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Or join us in Feb 2019 for a 30-day women’s co-working retreat in Gorgeous Goa, India!



We just have 2 main rules for our community. Members who aren’t keeping to these 2 rules will unfortunately be removed without warning. Please respect that our community is a working community. Thanks!


1) Post your tasks at least 3 times a week in the #virtualcoworking channel


2) Encourage other members at least 3 times a week in the #virtualcoworking channel.




There are 6 main channels right now within our awesome Slack Community!


#announcements (for important announcements)


#virtualcoworking (for co-working – this is for you to post your Monday goals, your daily to-do list, your daily gratitude list or even your tasks by the hour! You will also need to support and encourage other members in this channel!)


#coffeebreakchat (for chats in between work sessions – these can be introducing yourself, sharing a win, sharing a new offer you have, connecting with others, etc.)


#remotejobs (here you can post if you know of a remote job or if you’re looking for a remote job)


#mastermind (for asking our volunteer experts or community members questions on various topics to do with entrepreneurship/working online. You can also post interesting blogs/videos/podcasts etc here that you think other members might find helpful. Please see our list of volunteer experts below. You are welcome to tag them if you have a question.)


#connectioncafe (if you are member of this channel, our community uses a bot to pair you with another random member of our community so you can both connect online for a virtual co-working session via video or chat. This will happen once a week on a Monday. You can do the video call directly in Slack. Please check your direct messages every Monday for a message.)




#LOCATION CHANNELS: There are numerous location channels to connect with ladies in your town/country! Please take a look at the list of channels and join the one relevant to you. If your town/country/state/province isn’t there, please let me know so I can add it!


#WORKCHANNELS: There are a number of channels dedicated to connecting with people in your industry. Such as a channel for artists, a channel for web designers, etc. Please join the work channel that is relevant to you.



  1. Download ‘Slack’ from the app store to use on your mobile for easier access. Swipe left or right to see the list of channels and also view your direct messages.
  2. You may mute notifications as needed according to your preference, however please keep notifications for the announcement channel on so that I can let you know of any important updates!
  3. Please keep the vibe upbeat and positive! No bullying, negativity, etc. I reserve the right to remove any member without explanation.
  4. Please contact me: hayley@ or direct messages me (@Hayley – Online CoWork Founder) if you have any questions.


If you would like to volunteer as an expert, please let me know! You would just need to post a tip 2 or 3 times a month in the #mastermind channel and then answer any questions if someone tags you.

a) Marketing Analytics Expert – @Ann Marie – Marketing Analytics Expert


b) Storytelling Guru for Brands – @Jeni – Storytelling Guru


c) Cultivating Creativity Expert – @Christina Gomes


d) Website Design Expert – @Tabitha – Website Designer


e) Video Expert – @Alyse – Video Maven


f) Website/Graphic Design Expert – @Katrina – Web/Graphic Designer


g) Time Management Expert – @Sharon Blettner – Time Management Coach


h) Mindfulness and Meditation Expert – @Stephanie – Here Now Group


i) SEO Video Marketing Expert – @Eri – SEO Video Marketing Expert