Virtual Co-Working Community on Slack

Hi there!

Would you like to join our Global Virtual Co-Working Family for women? As of December 2018, we have over 210 members across 19 time zones!

Think of it like having colleagues in an office – except your colleagues are inspiring female entrepreneurs from around the world who are living their dream of working online!

No more working at home alone with no one to talk to or reach out to…

Ask for help, get to know other female entrepreneurs from around the world, share what you’re working on, ask for feedback, add an extra layer of accountability to your to-do list – it’s your very own work community!

If you would like to join, please create your profile here. It’s free!

Slack is a free app that you can download on your desktop or mobile. Once you have created your profile, please be sure to read the rules in the pinned post.

We currently have channels for:




#connectioncafe (networking through random pairing with a bot once a week)


We also have a number of volunteer community experts inside our #mastermind channel ready to help if you have any questions on the following topics:

1) Marketing Analytics Expert – @Ann Marie – Marketing Analytics Expert

2) Storytelling Guru for Brands – @Jeni – Storytelling Guru

3) Cultivating Creativity Expert – @Christina Gomes

4) Website Expert – @Tabitha – Website Designer

5) Website/Graphic Design Expert – @Katrina – Web/Graphic Designer

6) Time Management Expert – @Sharon Blettner – Time Management Coach

7) Mindfulness and Meditation Expert – @Stephanie – Here Now Group

8) SEO Video Marketing Expert – @Eri

If you would like to volunteer as a guest expert, please message me once inside: @Hayley – Online CoWork Founder

We also have many location-specific channels to chat with members that may be nearby to you! Such as #aus_sydney and #europe

And many work-specific channels such as #webgraphiddesigners and #coachesandconsultants

Last but not least, we have experts running their own channels inside our space!

#startandscalesocial – Start & Scale Social is a channel led by Ann Marie O’Braskin where she shares social media advice and answers any questions you have about social media or running your own social media biz!

#communitiesthatscale – Communities That Scale is a channel led by Sushmita Jain where she shares brand community building advice and answers any questions you have about audience building, developing long-term relationships with your audience, as well as running your own business.

#here_now_mindfulness – Here Now Mindfulness is a channel led by Stephanie Smilas. She regularly shares mindfulness tips, and discusses all things mindfulness and meditation. Stephanie’s happy to answer questions and help you live a calmer, more centered life.

If you would like to be a channel leader in our space, please get in touch!

I look forward to virtually co-working with you! 🙂


Hayley x