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Tips to Get Your Content Seen

1) There are numerous Facebook Groups for female entrepreneurs. Most of them have a post once a week where you can add a link to your content/services/offers. Here are some examples:

  • Goal Digger Podcast Insiders - Fridays
  • Virtual Assistant Savvies (Promoting your services only) - Saturdays
  • Women’s Entrepreneur Network - Thursdays (Share your LinkedIn profile only)
  • Women’s Entrepreneur Network - Mondays (Share a link to your Facebook profile)
  • Women’s Entrepreneur Network - Sundays (Promo Sunday)
  • Women in Business - Wednesdays (Share a link to your website)
  • Women in Business - Tuesdays (Traffic Tuesdays)
  • Digital Nomad Girls - Tuesdays
  • Location Independent Biz Babes - Tuesdays (Promote your paid offers)
  • Location Independent Biz Babes - Sundays (Share your Facebook group)
  • Social Media Managers - Mondays
  • The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur - Saturdays
  • Spiritual Boss Babes - Fridays
  • Women With Ambition - Wednesdays and Fridays

Please keep in mind that this info is subject to change. Please check each individual group to keep up to date with their promo policy. If you know of any other groups - please feel free to contact us at info @ so we can add them.

2) Don’t forget to check your social media analytics to see which posts are getting the most reach and engagement. Focus on those types of posts. For example, you may see that video posts get more views than image posts.

3) Online CoWork recommends Russell Brunson’s new book “Traffic Secrets”. Get your copy here.

4) Try to find Facebook groups where your ideal client is. For example, if your audience is female entrepreneurs, try to find Facebook groups with female entrepreneurs. Join these groups and see if they have a weekly ‘Post your Instagram handle thread’. If they do, be sure to follow every account in that thread if they look like your ideal client. If they follow you back, then send them a private message on Instagram to thank them for following and share some info about you to connect with them.

5) Whenever you get a new follower on Instagram, return the favor and follow them back. Then, send them a private message thanking them, share a bit of info about yourself and let them know that they can connect with you if they’re interested in your products/services.

6) Instagram tip: Keep an eye on the analytics for the link in your bio. Experiment with using different links (e.g. to different landing pages, blog articles, etc) to see which gets the most clicks.

7) Instagram tip: Use a bio link tool such as which allows you to use one link to connect your followers to multiple links on your website, other social media accounts, etc. Keep an eye on your analytics to see which link is getting the most clicks and consider using just that link in your bio.

8) Pinterest tip: Type the main topic of your content into the search bar (e.g. Korean Fashion) and choose ‘boards’ from the dropdown menu. Push ‘enter’. From the search results, click on any active board that seems to be active. Click on ‘followers’ and follow those who are following that particular board.

9) Pinterest tip: Check your board names. They should be 2 to 5 words long and should contain keywords that are both relevant to your content AND should be frequently searched for on Pinterest. For example: Call your board ‘Korean Winter Fashion’ not ‘You’ll love these!’

10) Influencer Marketing - is a free website where you can search for influencers to promote your content/products/services.

11) Growing Your Email List: If you have a Facebook Group, ask new members to add their email address as one of the 3 questions when they join. Let them know that by joining the group they will be added to your email subscriber list. Or you could offer a FREE PDF guide to them in exchange for their email address - to give them more of an incentive. NOTE: Facebook doesn’t save the answers to these questions, so make sure you record the email address before approving the member, or you can use a Google Chrome extension to add the emails to a spreadsheet for you automatically - such as

12) Be interviewed on a podcast. Join this Facebook Group - There is a thread every Tuesday where you can request to be a guest.

13) Getting more followers on your Facebook Page: If someone ‘likes’ one of your Facebook posts, you may click on their name and push ‘invite’. This will invite them to like your page.

14) Guest Posting opportunities: Click here

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