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1) Why did you start Online CoWork?

Online marketing is not easy. We all have amazing talents and skills but many of us are not able to share them with others because they’re getting lost in the black hole of the web.

Many of us know how to create something - to write a blog article, record a video or make a product - but how do we get it seen by those who would benefit from it the most? Especially without having to resort to spending hundreds of dollars a month on Facebook ads?

We lose motivation if our content, products and services are not being ‘seen’. The result? Many buried gifts and talents - and people who feel unfulfilled.

Enter Online CoWork.

Whenever you create new content, don’t just post it on your individual social media accounts - or on a never-ending promo thread in a Facebook group. Head over to Online CoWork and we’ll not only add it to our feed, but to our social media accounts as well.

Together, we can support each other and make this a friendly platform for sharing what we’re working on.

We’re just getting started, but we hope to not only provide you with a place to promote your zone of genius, but also to give you tips on how to get more eyes on your content.

Why? Because the world needs more people who get excited about waking up in the morning… people who are not only surviving, but thriving.

We hope that you’ll join our movement!

2) Do I need to be a woman to participate?

Yes, we have created Online CoWork for those who identify as women. We have done this for many reasons. It is not to exclude men, but rather we have chosen to focus on a specific demographic that can benefit from this website. We look forward to supporting everyone in the future as our website grows!

3) Do I need to create new content that is only for Online CoWork followers?

No, not at all! The great thing about Online CoWork is that we only share a link to content that you have already published somewhere else on the web - such as on your website or social media sites! There is no need to create new content.

4) What kind of content can I post?

You may post content on any topic. We are here to support you no matter what your zone of genius! Please see note below though about the types of content that may not be approved.

We accept many different types of content - blogs, podcasts, Facebook Lives, retreats, online courses, free ebooks, online and offline events, etc. You can even post a link to your ‘about page’ on your website so we can learn more about you!

5) Do I have to pay anything to post on the Online CoWork home page?

Ladies, we have received an overwhelming number of posts! We are SO ecstatic about this, but it means we have now introduced a premium option.

When you complete the form on the next page, you will be asked to choose from 2 options:


Free posts will be posted to our website home page!


a) if you post a link to a YouTube video, it will be added to the Online CoWork playlists on YouTube under the relevant category.

b) if you post an event (free/paid/online/offline) it will automatically added to the awesome Online CoWork calendar on our website.

OPTION 2: PREMIUM POST - Website + Instagram Feature: US$5 (1 X Virtual Coffee)

If you choose this option, we kindly request that you buy us a ‘virtual coffee’ for US$5 on our fundraising page which you can see here after you have submitted your form.

Your post will include everything from the FREE option, plus we will feature your post on our Instagram feed and Instagram stories!


Refer 3 friends to submit a free post and receive a free premium post!

(The people you refer just need to mention your name on the form when they create their post)

6) I am new to online business. Can I post?

Yes! We are here to support you on this journey - even if you’re just starting out! You don’t even need a website - you can submit posts from your social media sites or even from your Google drive! A huge following or perfect branding is not required. Please note though that your post is still subject to approval at our discretion.

7) How does the ‘buy me a coffee’ work?

“Buy me a Coffee” is a fun way for readers to support your work! It is not mandatory, though.

You will see a coffee icon in the bottom corner of each post. When a reader clicks this link, it will take them to a page that you have created on a website called ‘’ where they can make a donation (usually $5) to support you.

It is free to create a page on You can create your ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ page here.

8) How long will the submission form take me to complete?

The form should only take 5 minutes to complete. You will need to provide details such as content type, title, short description, author name , etc.

We wanted to make the submission process quick and easy so that each time you create new content (such as writing a new blog post or creating a new event) you can head over here and submit it in a few minutes.

9) What happens after I complete the form?

Once you complete the form, it will go through to an admin to await approval. Once approved, it should be live on the website and social media sites within 72 hours.

10) Who are your readers? Will my content be relevant to them?

Our audience includes both online entrepreneurs and people from all over the world who are interested in supporting online entrepreneurs. In other words, people supporting people!

However, please note that we unfortunately cannot accept submissions from local businesses (such as a hair salon in Sydney for example) as our audience would not be relevant for a specific local market.

11) Where will you be submitting my posts once I have completed the form?

This will depend on which option you have chosen - premium or free.

12) How many posts can I submit?

You may submit a post once a week!

Each time you create new content (such as a new blog article, new podcast episode, new event, etc) head over to Online CoWork and submit your post!

If we aren’t getting a lot of submissions, your post may be delayed in order to provide varied content on our feed, but your post will be added for sure in time if it is approved.

13) Can I submit the same piece of content multiple times?

Yes! However, please do not post the same content more than once a month. This means that if you post your Instagram page today, you may only submit it again one month later. Or if you post your blog article today, you may only submit the same article again one month later.

14) If my post is not approved, what could be the reason?

We reserve the right to reject any posts at our discretion without explanation in order to maintain the quality of the feed. Posts are likely to be rejected if the content is:

  • Low quality (e.g. poorly written content, very low quality video, etc).
  • Does not align with our brand vision
  • Contains adult content
  • Is not unique, feels spammy, may be infringing on copyright laws
  • Is directly promoting MLM/affiliate or crypto/forex products (please see exceptions below)
  • If the submission form is incomplete or poorly written
  • If the content/opinions expressed are controversial
  • If the submission is not in English (stay tuned for updates about this in the future!)
  • If you post the same content multiple times
  • If you post multiple pieces of content in a 24 hour period

15) I have an MLM/network marketing/crypto/forex/affiliate business, may I post?

As of now, we unfortunately cannot accept content that directly promotes MLM/affiliate/crypto/forex/affiliate products. However, you may include affiliate links in your blogs, for example.

16) Will you let me know when my post is live on the website?

Right now, we are unfortunately unable to inform you when your post goes live on our website, therefore please check back after 72 hours. We are as excited as you though, so we aim to get your post live as quickly as possible!

If your post is not appearing after 72 hours, it unfortunately means that your post was not approved, however you’re welcome to email us to double-check. Thank you for understanding.

17) Where can I see my post after it goes live?

You can head over to our website home page after 72 hours to see your post :) Please also be sure to follow us at the links below to see your post on our social media! If you posted an event, please check the Google Calendar on our website as well :)

18) Will I get a lot of traffic to my link?

Our aim is to create a hub where small online businesses and ‘solopreneurs’ can post their products and services.

As of January 2020, we have an audience of around 23000 across our social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube - but please note that we don’t make any guarantees right now about the traffic that you will receive.

When your post is added to our homepage, your content will remain on our website for years to come until such time as we feel the need to remove old content. This can be very helpful for your SEO efforts (i.e. improving your website ranking on Google!).

19) Will you change these guidelines in the future?

We fully expect to adjust these guidelines in the future as our community grows!

20) How can I support my fellow entrepreneurs?

Yes, please support each other! View, like and comment on the posts of others and follow them on their social media. Buy your fellow entrepreneurs a virtual cup of coffee! We’re all in this together :)

21) I love what you’re doing with Online CoWork! Where can I buy you a coffee?

Ah, thank you so much! We appreciate any support that can help Online CoWork to grow from strength to strength! Please click here to support us.

Together, we can help one another to thrive.

Thank you!

The Online CoWork Team

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