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Hi there! Are you struggling with deciding what to charge for your products and services? Here are some links that might help.

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1) Take a look at our curated playlist on YouTube:

How much should I charge?


2) Looking for online events/workshops on the topic of pricing? Click here to view our community calendar.

Our calendar contains links to events/workshops/scheduled Instagram Livestreams/virtual summits/fitness classes, etc, that women from around the world are hosting. Please note that Online CoWork is not affiliated with any of these events.


3) Take a look at our quiz section to see if there are any relevant quizzes on pricing that may be helpful for you.


4) Looking for pricing freebies? Such as free guides, checklists, etc? Visit the freebies page!


5) Looking to shop for products, services, etc, related to pricing? Visit the Online CoWork shop.

Everything in the shop has been submitted by women in online business. Please note that Online CoWork is not affiliated with these products/services.


6) Looking to hire someone to help you out with pricing? Click here to visit our 'hire me' page - or add a job post on our remote jobs page to let others know what kind of help you are looking for.

(Alternatively, add your LinkedIn profile or website to be hired!)

NOTE: If you'd like to add your own online event, link, LinkedIn profile, website, quiz, shop product, YouTube video, etc, then click here to submit a post 🥳. We will share your post with our social media and email list at no cost :) Alternatively, if you would like to advertise on this page, please contact us at info (at) onlinecowork.com.

Do you know any well-known pricing experts with great content? Let us know at info (at) onlinecowork.com so we can add them to this list!

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