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Hi there! Are you struggling with getting traffic (visitors) to your offers, products and services?

Below you'll find some links that might help.

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1) Here are some ideas to increase your traffic to your website, offers and services:

a) Create a social media strategy (for example, grow your Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook profiles)

b) Add keyword-rich blogs to your website to increase your chances of being found on Google

c) Develop a 'live video' strategy - this could be doing livestreams on YouTube, Instagram, etc.

d) Grow your email list so you have an audience to send your product/service links to

e) Hire a PR (public relations) specialist to help you to get featured in online magazines such as Forbes (or on TV!)

f) Improve your copywriting to attract your ideal client

g) Start and grow a Facebook Group

h) Have you heard of the 'Dream 100'? These are 100 influencers that have an audience who is similar to your ideal client. When starting a business, focusing on your 'Dream 100' can help you to get in front of your ideal client very quickly. Approach influencers on YouTube/Instagram/Twitter and ask them to mention your product/service to their audience. Try to collaborate with them, interview them, ask them if they could do a shout-out to their email list for you, etc.

i) Use paid advertisements - Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Banner advertising

j) Create a referral (affiliate) program so your current clients/customers can refer others

k) Create a contest where your audience has to do a certain action (such as like your Facebook Page) in order to win something (it could be one free coaching with you, for example). Use software such as 'UpViral' for this.

l) Be interviewed on a podcast - visit Podcast Guests (free)!

NOTE:Always make sure that you have a'customer journey' in place. This means that everywhere that you have content, you should have a 'call to action'. When someone watches your YouTube video, what should they do next? Perhaps add a link to your sales funnel in the video description - this could help to get more traffic to your offers.


2) Take a look at these pages on our website that might help:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Copywriting and Editing

Marketing - Media (PR)

Marketing - Email List

Marketing - Facebook

Marketing - General

Marketing -Instagram

Marketing - Pinterest


Making Videos

Being Visible Online

Making a Website

All content on these pages has been submitted by women in online business from around the world.


3) Take a look at our curated playlists on YouTube:

Getting Traffic

Being Visible Online



Growing Your Email List

Making a Website



Facebook Ads



Starting a YouTube Channel


4) Looking for online events/workshops on the topic of getting traffic? Click here to view our community calendar.

Our calendar contains links to events/workshops/scheduled Instagram Livestreams/virtual summits/fitness classes, etc, that women from around the world are hosting. Please note that Online CoWork is not affiliated with any of these events.


5) Take a look at our quiz section to see if there are any relevant quizzes on getting traffic that may be helpful for you.


6) Looking for freebies on this topics? Such as free guides, checklists, etc? Visit the freebies page!


7) Looking to shop for programs, products and services on the topic of 'getting traffic'? Visit the Online CoWork shop.

Everything in the shop has been submitted by women in online business. Please note that Online CoWork is not affiliated with these products/services.


8) Looking to hire someone to help you out with getting traffic? Click here to visit our 'hire me' page - or add a job post on our remote jobs page to let others know what kind of help you are looking for.

(Alternatively, add your LinkedIn profile or website to be hired!)


9) Have a look at this book on how to increase your traffic:

Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers - Russell Brunson


10) Take a look at these traffic experts:

Neil Patel

Ana Hoffman - Traffic Generation Cafe


11) Tools that can help you with your website traffic:


SEO Quake - Chrome Extension

Keywords Everywhere - Chrome and Firefox Extension


12) Have you considered submitting a post to Online CoWork?! If approved, we'll add your post to our website, social media sites and we'll send it to our email list! Submit a post today!


13) Join the 'Stand Out Online' Membership by Christina Rowe! Get your content, products and services in front of thousands of potential clients and customers. Click here.

NOTE: If you'd like to add your own online event, link, LinkedIn profile, website, quiz, shop product, YouTube video, etc, then click here to submit a post 🥳. We will share your post with our social media and email list at no cost :) Alternatively, if you would like to advertise on this page, please contact us at info (at) onlinecowork.com.

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