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What are you struggling with?

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Getting Started

Not sure where to start when it comes to creating an online business or working remotely?

Help me!


Are you struggling with your brand colours, messaging, logo, business cards, social media images, etc?

Help me!


Struggling with time management and staying on top of your tasks?

Help me!

Feeling Lonely

Are you struggling with loneliness when working online?

Help me!


Do you struggle with your mindset when it comes to working online?

Help me!

Business Funding

Are you wanting to find funding to grow your online business?

Help me!

Getting More Sales

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of online business!

Help me!


Not getting enough eyes on your content, products, offers, events or services?

Help me!


Have a great product or service but not sure what to charge?

Help me!

Making a Website

Struggling with creating the website of your dreams?

Help me!


Looking for more info on starting or managing a podcast?

Help me!

Email List Growth

Struggling to get more subscribers on your email list?

Coming Soon!

Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more - struggling with your social media?

Coming Soon!

Making Videos

Are you struggling to create videos for your online business?

Coming Soon!


Struggling to find the right words to impress your ideal clients?

Coming Soon!


Need help with getting found on search engines like Google?

Coming Soon!


Struggling with Amazon FBA, Shopify, Etsy, etc?

Coming Soon!

My Membership Site

Are you struggling to create/manage a membership site?

Coming Soon!

My Online Course

Are you struggling to create or manage an online course?

Coming Soon!

Affiliate Marketing

Are you struggling to create or manage an affiliate program?

Coming Soon!

Creating a Webinar

Struggling to create a webinar that brings more sales?

Coming Soon!

Sales Funnels

Are you struggling to create or improve your sales funnel?

Coming Soon!


For all your blogging struggles!

Coming Soon!

Stress and Overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed while working online?

Coming Soon!

My Team

Wanting to hire or struggling to manage your team?

Coming Soon!

Taxes / Accounting

Are you struggling to stay on top of your business or remote work finances?

Coming Soon!

Digital Nomad Struggles

Are you wanting to be a digital nomad or trying to maintain a digital nomad lifestyle?

Coming Soon!


Are you struggling to communicate in a more positive way with your team members or clients?

Coming Soon!

My Office

Looking to create a workspace where you can focus and get things done?

Coming Soon!

Legal Stuff

Perhaps you need to create your privacy policy / terms and conditions?

Coming Soon!


Family and relationship struggles while trying to run an online business or working remotely?

Coming Soon!

My Health

Are you struggling with your health while running an online business or working remotely?

Help me!

Business Spirituality

Interested in topics such as manifesting, law-of-attraction, astrology and more?

Coming Soon!

Public Relations (PR)

Are you struggling to get media attention or to be featured in online publications?

Coming Soon!

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